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Breakside Brewery Is Going on a Summer Road Trip, Pouring Beer From a Remodeled 1973 Winnebago

The WinneBEERgo has eight taps, an 8-track and some sweet shag carpeting.

Breakside Brewery's taproom in Milwaukie is now fully reopen after undergoing a move earlier this month.

In truth, it was more of a reorganization than a true relocation. The drinking space didn't travel far—the taps and bar top remain in the same building—but the rearrangement will allow for an in increase brewing capacity, from 32,000 barrels annually to closer to 42,000, with the flexibility to reach 55,000, if needed.

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Rearranging the furniture also means more elbow-room for customers. The tap house, which includes the same wood and corrugated-metal accents, has the capacity to serve 20 to 30 people at this point and includes more chairs and tables.

But if you live nowhere near Milwaukie, nor Breakside's taprooms in Northwest and Northeast Portland, you're in luck—because this summer, the brewery might be coming to you.

During the taproom's migration, Breakside served beer in the parking lot from its newly remodeled WinneBEERgo. The 1973 RV may still have the shag carpeting, 8-track and olive-green upholstery on its bench seating, but was retrofitted with a glycol chiller and draft lines connected to taps that pour from the outside near the passenger-side door.

Now that the rig's job is completed at the taproom, that doesn't mean it will sit idle. The brewery is taking the Winne, emblazoned with a retro-looking orange, yellow and brown Breakside logo, on a road trip this summer.

From Aug. 17-24, look for the roving beer fest at breweries near each of Oregon's Seven Wonders. Already planned stops include Pelican Brewing, pFriem and Barley Brown's in Baker City. You might even be able to get it to show up at a party you're hosting—Milwaukie's taproom manager says the RV could possibly be rented for events, and will likely appear at Breakside functions in the future.