1. Wyrd Leather & Mead

4515 SE 41st Ave., 503-305-6025, wyrdleatherandmead.com

At Wyrd Leather & Mead, you can wear your horn and drink from it too—it is both a meadery and artisan marketplace, with décor that blends Norse history and medieval fantasy, and Middle-earth with modern-day environmental pleas. Pick your own flight of four regionally brewed meads, or "cast the runes" and have the bartenders choose for you.

2. Shine Distillery and Grill

4232 N Williams Ave., 503-825-1010, shinedistillerygrill.com.

Big family gatherings might be canceled, but this holiday season doesn't have to be somber. Every night starting at 4:30 pm, you can watch drag performances at Shine Distillery's "drag-thru" while you wait for cocktail kits to go and bottles of housemade booze.

3. Threshold Brewing & Blending

403 SE 79th Ave., 503-477-8789, threshold.beer

The Montavilla brewery has built itself a shelter from the storms. To fortify his expanded streetside taphouse, the owners built a raised deck, put up three walls and a corrugated roof now adorned with dangling string lights. It's a work in progress—but then, so is most of the city's bar scene as it prepares for a COVID-ravaged winter.

4. Baerlic Brewing

2235 SE 11th Ave., baerlicbrewing.com.

Ranch Pizza and Baerlic's new "pie hall" are closed for the foreseeable future, but you can still order the taproom's brews for pickup or delivery. And Baerlic has plenty of festive cans, from its crisp and piney Yippee-Ki-PA to a Mexican hot chocolate imperial stout.

5. Enoteca Nostrana Bottle Shop

1401 SE Morrison St. 503-236-7006, enotecanostrana.com.

One of the most beloved wine bars in Portland has assembled a six-pack of holiday wines. And at barely over $20 a bottle, it's a pretty good deal for a high-end, highly curated shop that's open for pickup and delivery.