A Map of Portland Bars That Demand Vaccination or a Negative COVID Test for Entry

“This is quite literally our generation’s Apollo mission,” mapmaker David Huerta says, regarding vaccination rates.

Bars, venues and other indoor spaces around Portland are responding to a lingering pandemic with new policies, requiring either proof of vaccination or a recent, negative COVID test at the door.

If you’re wondering exactly which places are looking out for their customers in this way—or which ones you can’t visit if you left your vaccination card at home—one semi-recent transplant to the city took it upon himself to make a map, easily found at vaxed.bar.

“I was kind of hoping I could just find one and use it,” David Huerta tells WW. “I only made one ‘cause it didn’t exist.”

Huerta is even hosting the map on his own server. Since he works in digital security, staying off Google and Mapquest at this point comes as second nature. “This is not the virtual equivalent of living out in the woods with a bucket of water and a shotgun,” Huerta explains. “But it should load pretty fast.”

The simple map conveys bare-bones essentials about the bars in question—their names, addresses, websites, and placement on a rudimentary map of the city.

“I don’t own a car, so for me location and how easy it is to get there via public transit is important,” Huerta explains. His map pulled locations from WW’s reporting and that of Portland Monthly. Any businesses that want to add their names can reach out to Huerta on Twitter.

While he makes no promises about long-term maintenance of the site, Huerta say he plans to maintain it and try to keep it updated until vaccination rates “are where they should be.”

“Everyone should get vaccinated.” Huerta says. “MRNA vaccines are extremely fascinating, and if you don’t know what’s in the vaccine, I encourage you to learn more about it because this is quite literally our generation’s Apollo mission.”

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