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Slinging Tacos and Margaritas, the Waypost Returns

The bar’s main reopening flex is a cocktail menu focused on house-infused margaritas.

Fans of chatty, foggy-window, tavern-style evenings, take heart—North Williams’ low-key neighborhood bar the Waypost has finally emerged from its COVID shutdown slumber.

Waypost owner Brenton Iversen tells WW he’s still in a soft open. But he welcomed customers back this past Friday, Oct. 22, and plans to staff the bar from 5 to 11 pm Thursday through Sunday going forward.

Iversen took over the Waypost five years ago, but the bar itself has occupied the North Williams corridor for 15. For most of that time, the Waypost’s specialty was the taco, so Iversen fired the kitchen back up with that long-standing staple: tinga and pastor tacos. That’s about it for the food menu, for the moment—at least until the Waypost gets more staff in the kitchen.

The bar’s main reopening flex is its returning cocktail menu, focused on house-infused margaritas. There are actually five kinds of margaritas—the Waypostarita, Sunset, Hot Stuff, Grapefruit and Piñata—drawing from the Waypost’s infused tequilas: orange-peppercorn, hibiscus, habanero-lime and toasted coconut pineapple.

The two things that jump foremost to mind when thinking about the Waypost—lazy board game afternoons and intimate, folksy shows—are still in the works. Iversen has no booking plans for the immediate future but says he’ll start showing Thorns and Timbers games to bring back some of that community bar feel.

DRINK: The Waypost, 3120 N Williams Ave., 503-367-3182, 5-11 pm Thursday-Sunday.