There’s Finally a Rooftop Bar in Portland That Makes You Feel Like You’re in “Sex and the City”

There’s nothing more posh than a rooftop bar.

Good news, Portland: Now there's a place where you can drink that makes you feel like you're in Sex and the City. The show is having a moment now that the mid-00s are back. Along with it, so is feeling posh. And, there's nothing more posh than a rooftop bar.

Let's be honest: Portland's rooftop bar scene has been a little lackluster. Which brings us to Revolution Hall's Roof Deck (1300 SE Stark St., 503-288-3895,, the newly opened rooftop bar sitting atop the former Washington High School in the Buckman neighborhood. We've been excited for this view for a long time (it was on our cover of our "Reasons to Love Portland" issue two years ago), and it doesn't disappoint now that Rev Hall is opening it regularly, instead of just for special events. You feel fancy even just walking in, as a bouncer stamps your wrist before you take the elevator to the top. Once you're up, it's like being in Manhattan, only cocktails are $8.50 and there are only a few dozen people.

The one downside is that it's more of a pregame spot, or a place to go if you're calling it early, as the bartenders start to pack up around 12:30. But, until then, you can revel in the magic as you look out onto a city skyline while standing under strands of globular string lights while sipping on sangria ($8.50) or a Commons Urban Farmhouse ($5). But remember: It's still Portland, and you'll still have to check online to make sure the Roof Deck isn't closed for inclement weather.


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