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If you're going to try Gateway's beer, you're going to need to know what Gateway is. It's a neighborhood in East Portland, and most of this new brewery's accounts are there, including East Portland institutions like McGillicuddy's, RingSide Grill, and the Parkrose farmers market. Founded in March 2015 by former Widmer employees Joel and Karen Sheley, Gateway doesn't yet have a taproom, but it does have palpable enthusiasm for East Portland. "Our tagline is 'Come on over,'" says Karen, who lives in Parkrose with Joel and their young daughter. "See what 82nd has to offer. Check out Mall 205. People always say things like, 'Isn't that Gresham? Isn't that the suburbs?' It's not! It's still Portland, and there's so much history here and so much to discover." Show your eastside pride by capping off a trip to Fabric Depot with a pint of Glendoveer Golden at Glendoveer Golf Course. It may not be the hippest part of town, but it's definitely got heart.

Drink This: Mahogany Lager is an amber-colored lager made with an exotic and unique new malt called Sacchra-50. You haven't had anything quite like it before.