November has rough month for Portland craft beer pubs.

The Commons permanently shut its doors earlier this month, Amnesia Brewing will serve its last beer on November 30 and now we know that on November 28, Lompoc Brewing's Hedge House will join them in the craft beer pub graveyard.

On Sunday, owner Jerry Fechter announced that they had made the decision to close the pub after its 14 year run on Southeast Division due to declining sales, a massive influx of new restaurants and bars on division over the last few years and an expiring lease.

Division Street has changed a lot in the last few years. Even since we last took a tour of the once-crusty street through Google Street View—check that tour of D-street out, and feel a mix of wonder, sorrow and shock.

Here's the full statement from Fechter:

“We’d like to thank our staff, customers, friends, family, and vendors for your support over the last 14 years. We are so proud of our team, some of whom have worked here for nearly a dozen years, and it is truly heartbreaking to close.

Hedge House was Lompoc’s first satellite pub; Don Younger and I opened it in December 2003 with a goal of being the neighborhood watering hole that served local food and handcrafted beer. It became beloved for its patio, dog friendly atmosphere, and Steelers games.

Division Street was way less developed back then, and over the last 14 years, significantly more restaurants, pubs and beer bars have opened up. The competition is greater and frankly, business is slow; we’ve seen decreasing sales for the last two years. Our lease is up in the spring, and we decided to shut down now and focus on the brewery and the remaining pubs. Please join me and our team now through Tuesday, Nov. 28 for a week of celebratory send off. We will tap our holiday beer lineup at Hedge House on Monday, Nov. 27. Thank you for all the support offered to Hedge House and thank you for all of the continued support of the remaining Lompoc pubs: Fifth Quadrant, Sidebar, Oaks Bottom and Lompoc Tavern. We hope you’ll stop by, raise a last pint with us and send Hedge House off in style! Love, Jerry and the Hedge House Crew”