Milkshakes: Everybody knows they bring all the boys to the yard.

But lately, I've been a little sour on the sweet, hazy IPAs that often employ a little lactose to get a creamy base that showcases fruity hops and, sometimes, a touch of actual fruit. Great Notion's New England-style IPAs continue to rock my world, but so many of the people following in their footsteps can't re-create the magic.

Well, we've gotten a little obsessed with the four flavors of milkshake IPA from Bend's Riverbend Brewing, which can be found at grocery stores but tend to disappear fast. The line of canned Milkshake IPAs are extra, extra hazy, with a soft, round sweetness and lots of fruit flavor. The four flavors are Mango, Peach, Berry and Passionfruit-Orange-Guava, and all offer the promised flavor. The Berry the HOPetition is the softest and least focused of the four, while the Man-go Fluff Yourself is the most natural. Recommended.