Two years ago, we did something very foolish. We drank every single one of the 73 IPAs in Portland in an epic blind taste-test, to try to find the best IPAs in town. The results showed a sea change in Portland brewing. The top beers—from new Portland breweries Culmination, Fat Head's and Great Notion—announced a sea change in Portland brewing, and a new set of kings.

This year, we did something even more foolish. We did it again. But this time there were 107 of them.

On February 15, a blind panel of eight beer nerds, beer-bar owners, beer industry experts and one cider maker picked the top 10 IPAs made in Portland. All beer was delivered or picked up from the brewery within two days of the tasting.

We might have picked the top 10. But the beer drinkers of Portland pick the best.

At 1 pm on Saturday, February 24—at the neutral ground of Reverend Nat's Hard Cider at 1813 NE 2nd Ave—we'll tap the top 10 Portland-brewed IPAs available right now.

And just as with our original panel of beer geeks, we'll tap them blind. The beers will be labeled only with the numbers 1 through 10, and your votes will determine the order of the top 10 beers in Portland.

The results will be revealed in the February 28 issue of WW.

But even if you don't care about having a say in picking the top 10 IPAs made in Portland, there's a simple value proposition in play: For a mere $20, you get to try a flight of all 10 of the best IPAs in Portland, and discover your true and secret favorite.

Neighboring Sizzle Pie and Pine State will serve up food. Reverend Nat's will serve the beer. And you, the beer drinkers of Portland, will serve up your choice of the best IPA in town. That's all there is to it.

GO: All-Portland Top 10 IPA Taste Off is Saturday, February 24 at Reverend Nat's Hard Cider, 813 NE 2nd Ave., 503-567-2221, 1 pm till the beer runs out.