30203 NE Benjamin Rd., Newberg, 503-487-6873, wolvesandpeople.com. 4-8 pm Friday, noon-8 pm Saturday, noon-6 pm Sunday.

Wolves & People, the place, is undeniably among the most beautiful brewery locations in Oregon. Located inside a big white barn located on founder Christian DeBenedetti's family orchard in Newberg, it has a copper brewhouse and a beautiful antique vibe inside of a small wooden tasting room, bolstered outdoors by a scenic smattering of lights and picnic tables, as well as the occasional food cart. Location and terrific branding aside, the beer from the former New Yorker-published beer writer is still imperfect. In a lineup that consists largely of barrel-aged, fruited and otherwise funkified farmhouse ales, the vast majority—options like an Italian plum or rhubarb-verbena saison—pour hazy both in appearance and flavor, closely approaching the dry, fruity flavors they claim to offer without the same focus or clarity as more experienced mixed-culture breweries in the state. That said, there are some decent pours among the bunch, and you'll almost certainly be able to find something to sate your appetite during a beautiful day on the farm.

Nearby: Newberg's Ruddick/Wood (720 E 1st St., Newberg, 503-487-6133, ruddickwood.com) is a hipster's answer to Nick's Italian Cafe (page 55). The party is in the hidden back-room tavern where you'll find crazy good deviled eggs with salmon roe and a simple burger. The wine-by-the-glass menu has the new cool kids, like Johan Vineyards pet-nat of pinot and Martin Woods gamay noir.