5716 SE 92nd Ave., 971-339-2374, zoiglhaus.com. 11 am-10 pm daily.

In Bavaria, the traditional Zoiglhaus was a communal brewhouse where members could make wort and take it back to their respective homes to finish fermenting. You can't just show up at this massive 200-seat, family friendly Lents pub and brew your own beer, but that shouldn't be a problem—head brewer Alan Taylor does a good job on his own. Taylor's extensive knowledge of Northern German brewing styles shines through in the clean, sessionable and stylistically perfect Pilsners, lagers and the often hard-to-nail Kölsch. The crisp and refreshing Northern German-style Zoigl-Pils is a beautiful example of exactly what a well-made Pilsner should taste like. Pair that golden beauty with the beer cheese spätzle with sausage or the daily schnitzel for the full German experience. Prepare to have a couple of beers while you wait for your food, as the kitchen doesn't always move with German efficiency.

Nearby: Twenty blocks northwest on Foster, stop in at the eight rainbowed food carts of the Portland Mercado (7238 SE Foster Road, 503-477-9945, portlandmercado.org) to get excellent tlayuda Mexican pizzas (Tierra del Sol), mole negro (Mixteca) and Haitian fare (Jouk li Jou).