It's time to raise a glass to Oregon beer. And if you need help figuring out just what to fill that glass with, well, we've got a lot of suggestions for you.

You can find them in Brew, our annual guide to the state's internationally celebrated beer scene, which is available all over town beginning today. Inside, you'll be taken on a tour of the absolute best craft brews this place has to offer.

We've mapped out five Portland pub crawls covering every corner of the city. Then, we left town and put together brewery-centric road trips stretching from the 'burbs to the coast to Eastern Oregon. We chronicled the rise of the kettle sour, and then, of course, we held a tasting to determine our favorite Beers of the Year.

Want to get your hands on a free copy? Below, you'll find a map of everywhere in Portland to get one. Supplies are limited, however, so you're advised to call ahead and make sure they're still available.