12550 SE Division St., 971-254-9185, facebook.com/Powellhurst-Alternative-Medical-Center. Cash only, no ATM.

This family-owned and -operated shop isn't going to be a quick stop during your commute; this group takes its time going over the options with every customer, in a tiny corrugated-roofed shop that seems like the inside of an artisanal wooden crate. Its flower, seeds and clones all come from Dynasty Seeds, the majority of which are Oregon-bred. Glass options range from small pipes to dab rigs, with options leaning heavily toward functional. With a rotating selection of daily $90 ounces, we expect to see similar specials on quarters after Oct. 1. Be sure to try shop-favorite Ice Queen, a cross between White Widow and Cinderella 99 whose nugs are frosted over like Narnia when Lucy found it.