1313 NE Alberta St., 503-954-3900, albertagreenhousedispensary.com. 10 am-10 pm daily.

This tight-quartered, avocado-tinted bungalow is well-situated for weekenders arriving at Alberta Street bars—it's right by the Vegas-themed hot-dog and taptail bar Donny Vegas, whose very idea seems a little stoney. The ID-screening window opens directly into a sunny showroom with an indica-heavy selection of jarred flower in a broad display case that spans the room, with young staff members who seem almost giddy about each $5 pre-roll. Prices are marked after-tax, so a $12 gram of 27 percent THC Girl Scout Cookies costs, in fact, $12. Though useful for bargoers, the dispensary maintains a holistic medical focus, with a tightly curated selection of topicals and tinctures, and a wide selection of candy bars, cookies and brownies from spots like Lady Green's, Leif, Lyfted and, especially, Laurie & MaryJane. That's just the L's.