6512 N Greeley Ave., 503-889-0729, greeleygallerypdx.com. 9 am-9 pm daily.

By Carlos Swan

Given how many slickly nondescript cannabis shops exist, Greeley’s little touches are much appreciated. The waiting area has succulent arrangements, and inside the budroom you’ll find healthy clones at arm’s reach and one-of-a-kind art by the legendary Buck Glass. Strains are the game here. Take your time and smell at least three of the strains available, because this flower changes lives. The Pineapple Diesel grown in-house is worth getting excited about, as are the Green Queen and Yeager. Be ready to spend a little extra for the award-winners, because YOLO. Cannabis-friendly athletes should try the budtenders’ favorite Richard Simmons for a little extra get up and go.