The Farmacy

2911 Marine Drive, Astoria, 503-325-3276, 10 am-7 pm Monday-Friday, 10 am-6 pm Saturday, noon-4 pm Sunday.

A clean, professional lobby—it looks like a doctor's office—contrasts sharply with a small, cozy and dimly lit room in the back, brimming with the scent of high-quality product to make you salivate. Though small in space, the selection is large. Prices are competitive, and there's a punch card for regular customers. The owners—one carries a parrot on his shoulder—left careers to pursue this dream, and their enthusiasm is apparent. TC.

Highway 420

1803 S Roosevelt Drive, Suite C, Seaside, 503-717-5045. 10 am-7 pm daily. Cash only.

Located on Highway 101 in Seaside, this spot is decorated like a teenage stoner's dream bedroom. Basically a head shop with a tiny dispensary in the back, the huge front room features an extensive glass collection, Bob Marley flags, a female rasta mannequin, Pink Floyd posters and a 10-year-old boa constrictor named "Sativa." The goods are kept in a tiny, closetlike space in the back, with barely enough room for you and the budtender. ML.

Cannabis Nation

550 S Roosevelt Drive, Seaside, 503-717-5565. 10 am-8 pm daily.

The interior of this Seaside shop is an expansive, well-lit room of gleaming wood where young, hip and knowledgeable folks are happy to give you their recommendations. The vibe is boutique, with high-end product sparsely displayed. The selection is far from vast, and the pipe selection is a mere afterthought. TC.

Oregon Coast Cannabis

868 Laneda Ave., Manzanita, 503-368-4200. 8 am-8 pm daily. Cash only.

This is the closest dispensary to Cannon Beach, right off Highway 101 in Manzanita. The interior is cabin chic, with driftwood accents throughout. Prices are listed on a chalkboard repurposed from an elementary school, with grams going for $10 to $17.50 after tax, and 10 percent off CBD-heavy products on Sundays. About half the strains were grown on the North Coast, including Nehalem Nirvana, sun-grown by a wildlife conservationist. ML.

Pipe Dreams Dispensary

1745 SW Highway 101, Suite C, Lincoln City, 541-614-0682, 10 am-7 pm Monday-Thursday, 10 am-8 pm Friday-Saturday.

Pipe Dreams is situated about halfway through the 14-mile stretch of Lincoln City that hugs the coastline. It's sizable and there's plenty of room to grow. it's ready to grow soon, too—we shopped at a leisurely pace, but things will change when valley dwellers get hit with a 90-degree day. Preparations are underway for the onslaught of sweaty city folk—who inevitably get out of Dodge so quickly they forget to pack their glass—and include a joint-rolling station and an expanded countertop with room for a fast-track line serving prepackaged cannabis to folks who don't need to fondle and sniff the 40-plus varieties available. Prices are competitive and can dip to $5 a gram, and there's a bonus for first-time visitors: one free item from a psychedelic grab bag of gifts, including lighters, grinders and flavored papers. AP.