Dean Smiley Pottle passed away Oct. 13 at age 65.

Pottle was born Nov. 26, 1950, in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, to Dorothy Ohlroegge and Harold "Hal" Pottle, loving Quaker parents of English and German descent. Mrs. Pottle named her two sons after her favorite singer, Dean Martin, while Smiley was an old family name.

Dean was raised in the small town of Wilton, Connecticut. Dean's family also owned land in New Paltz, New York, including the breathtaking Mohonk Mountain House.

As a young man, he was enchanted by horses, which he would ride through the fields to the rear of the family home. He had a love for animals, always having a cat living with him. Like most boys, he loved outdoor adventures and was an Eagle Scout, proud that he could live off the land at a moment's notice.

Dean was a real hippie in the late '60s, drinking and pot smoking from an early age—pastimes he would later continue at Dean's Scene, his famous Portland speakeasy.

He especially enjoyed live music and was a lifelong fan of Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper and the Who. As a matter of interest, Dean enjoyed sharing the views formed in his youth of equal rights for women, peace, justice and equality for all. Dean was a longtime vegetarian and an avid environmentalist.

In 1977, Pottle married Misty Lorien, and they enjoyed many adventures together. The marriage had its highs and lows, eventually coming to an end in 1996, at which time Dean moved to Portland. He purchased a home in the Fremont District across from Alameda Brewery, receiving the keys and beginning his newfound bachelorhood on Oct. 30, the day he has annually celebrated as the opening of Dean's Scene.

Interestingly enough, it was Misty who bought him his first homebrew kit and set him on the path he would happily travel the last two decades of his life. Dean was known as a generous man of integrity and real principles.

With the conversion of his basement into a working brewery featuring a walk-in cooler and eight taps always flowing freely, Dean took the kindness he received from his friends and multiplied it, returning it to the entire world.

He was the master of ceremonies behind the bar at Dean's Scene, where you never had to drink the same beer twice. Dean Pottle was a successful licensed plumber and small businessman for almost two decades in the Portland area. He plumbed several local breweries and numerous older houses. The underground speakeasy was continually upgraded. Many friends had a hand in the evolution of the home of Party Gyle Brewing.

Dean's Scene became the lifeblood of the underground beer culture in Portland, Oregon. Dean collected numerous ribbons from homebrew competitions.

Dean was featured on local and national television programs and was the star of the Drinking With Daren series. Dean's Scene became known throughout the world as one place you had to see if you ever made your way to Portland.

Dean was a man with a big heart, and he loved goodwill and good cheer. He is lovingly remembered by all he came in contact with for sharing his joy of life and love of great beer with them. He will be remembered as a man who loved a strong craft ale, a good political conversation, and a room filled with friends and strangers alike.

Dean is survived by his two sisters, Jill Pottle of Massachusetts and Leslie Carlson of Kansas, his brother, Martin Pottle of Rhode Island, and an entire planet of both humans and animals who are honored to call him "friend." Portland will never be the same without him.

GO: A memorial celebration for Dean Pottle is at 3 pm Sunday, Oct. 30, at Alameda Brewing, 4765 NE Fremont St. Dress is "beer fest formal."