Strain: PDX

Parentage: Cinex x Skunk

Breeder: According to Shango, PDX is a "legacy strain originating from the Mount Hood area."

Grower: Shango Premium Cannabis

Cannabinoid Content: 19.54% THC

Terpene Content: 1.9 mg/g Beta Caryophyllene, 1.3 mg/g Limonene, 0.7 mg/g Linalool, 0.5 mg/g Humulene, 0.4 mg/g Isopulegol, etc..

Nose and mouth: It's easy to get drawn into the complexity of PDX's scent, which reminds me of something slightly different each time I open the jar. It comes on sweet and mildly citrus, like honeysuckle spritzed with grapefruit juice. After processing the initial scent, wood and a nose-tickling spice follow, reminiscent of pencil shavings and watery black pepper. When smoked, PDX tastes less sweet than it smells, with a noticeable amplification of the wood and pepper elements.

My experience: After working the morning commuter rush in the rideshare mobile, I came home around noon and settled in for my tasting of PDX. Based on its scent, I initially assumed PDX would be a giggly sort of strain, but instead found it to be more straight-faced, lucid and productive. Within 30 minutes I was doing chores I'd been putting off for weeks, after which I sketched out the bulk of this review and then met up with an old band mate for a beer and a long, meandering conversation. I was impressed by how easily I transitioned from day-job stress into housework and writing and socializing, proving PDX a versatile sativa.

Why it stands out: A lot of sativas can be overwhelmingly upbeat, making them great for feeling happy and carefree, but not necessarily for staying organized and crossing items off your to-do list. Not PDX, which favors a less-is-more high that might as well be tailor made for the productive stoner. Where PDX's parent strains Cinex and Skunk can get a little racy and spacey, PDX's up effects are more subdued and clear-headed. Personally, I haven't come across a better productivity cultivar since a few years back when I had access to a purple pheno of Vortex (Cinex's dad) that was basically trucker speed.

Who it's for: As an energizing, lucid sativa, PDX is an appropriate choice for those who want to be high while keeping sight of their responsibilities. Morning-time smokers will no doubt appreciate PDX's effects, as will folks looking for an after work pick-me-up. Due to the high concentration of beta caryophyllene—a terpene which, like cannabinoid CBD, activates the body's CB2 receptors—PDX is ideal for daytime pain management and treatment of depression and anxiety.