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Former Kinfolk Creative Director Is Releasing A Hipster Cannabis Lifestyle Magazine Called “Broccoli”

"We've been developing this magazine for all these interesting creative women who enjoy cannabis."

Getting your veggies is about to get a lot easier.

Portland is about to get its own cannabis lifestyle magazine run entirely by women, about women—and it's really, really pretty.

Broccoli, which comes from former Kinfolk creative director Anja Charbonneau looks at cannabis "through an art, fashion and culture lens." It launches in November and will be published three times a year.

"We've been developing this magazine for all these interesting creative women who enjoy cannabis," Charbonneau tells WW. "It seems like people are ready for something like this."

The first issue will feature an interview with Korean smoke-wear designers Sundae School, a profile series of the women leading Portland's cannabis scene and a recurring travel feature about places to visit paired with matching cannabis products.

Though Kinfolk has no previous connection to cannabis, the aesthetic cross over of the two is undeniable. It's exciting for an industry where minimalist, Anthropologie-dream dispensaries like Serra and New Amsterdam are becoming more prevalent, but still are nowhere near the norm.

Charbonneau says that as the magazine expands, the aesthetic will expand too.

"I would say that it's maybe more experimental [than Kinfolk Magazine]. There's limitations to a specific brand. We're going easy on the first issue and looking to experiment more a little bit along," she tells WW. "Cannabis is such a fun topic and I think there's a lot of room to be more esoteric and weird and psychedelic."

Broccoli will print its first issue in November. You'll be able to pick it up for free at select dispensaries and weed-friendly design/fashion boutiques internationally. Charbonneau hasn't announced a release date yet, but will in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, you can follow Broccoli on Instagram.