"Not for human consumption," warns the sign on a gumball machine filled with Cheerios, which is attached to a chainlink fence around a home in Foster-Powell. The O's are for Portland's best celebrity pig. "Ms. P. Iggy Smalls," aka "Notorious P.I.G.", is a mini-Juliana pig whose Instagram page is filled with photos of her in doll hats, with painted nails, and frolicking in a pink kiddie pool. P. Iggy's owner, Darryl Sapp, got her from a breeder in Indianapolis after his dog died. "I remembered the house pig at my grandparents' farm growing up," says Sapp. "She exudes Miss Piggy, talkative and sassy from day one." Most sunny days, you can find P. Iggy eating peanut butter treats or playing in the side yard with her sister, a Frenchton named Frankie. "People who've never been to Portland see her on Instagram and visit. Sometimes," says Sapp, "I walk outside and there's a line of visitors."