There is so much in post-election Trump's America to get worked about.

For Oregon, it's punching Nazis. We're either upset about punching Nazis or really into punching Nazis, because according to a Google Trends analysis by a real estate company, we have searched "punching Nazis" more than any other state since the election.

Last time real estate firm Estately did this, they found that in Oregon, we searched "how to hack wi-fi" and "how to make floral arrangements" more than any other state.

Washington, our more badass neighbor, wanted to learn how to cook wolves.

Perhaps Oregon's sudden interest in punching Nazis could be due to the counter-protester Bible Believer Grant Chisholm, who got knocked out and ended up with a concussion at the Portland International Airport last weekend.

Or, we all just really want to punch a Nazi.

The other search terms we Googled more than any other state are "Trump approval rating today" and "alt National Park Service Twitter."

Other states' Google searches are equally on-brand, which is both good and bad.

Take Kentucky, who searched "Pray for Trump," or New Jersey, who searched point-blank "how to stop Trump." KAnsas wants to know about KellyAnne Conway's alleged battery of closed-fist punches at an inauguration party.

Some are also disturbing, like Alabama, who searched "Who is Frederick Douglass." New Hampshire—and, improbably, Arizona—desperately wanted to know how to move to Canada, while New Mexico just wanted a job in the border patrol.

Iowa wanted to know all about Russian prostitutes, while South Carolina was confused about pussy hats. Mississippi, perhaps understandably, had never heard of 3 Doors Down.

But the best is probably Missouri, who searched "Sean Spicer gum."

Here's the full map: