Controversial Broadcaster Dino Costa Has Lost His Job at The Game 750/102.9

The shock jock lasted just days after controversy started mounting.

Well, that didn't take long.

Dino Costa, the sports-radio shock jock drawing fire over his political screeds, is no longer on Portland airwaves. He has lost his job at KXTG 750/102.9 The Game.

"After further review, Alpha Media has decided to cut ties with Dino Costa," the broadcaster wrote in a statement sent to WW a few minutes ago. "Additional information is not available at this time."

On Monday, Eugene Weekly surfaced a transcript from a June show where he promoted the idea that Black Lives Matter protestors should be run over.

"You know these protests where they shut down the road, they lie in the road?" he said. "If I'm the cops, I wave the traffic on. Listen, as soon as one or two of these sumbitches are run over you'll see the entire, in unison, everybody be up off the street. When people are being killed by 18-wheel trucks coming by, pickups, cars. Run 'em over!"

Then, the Portland Timbers issued a statement about Costa. WW asked them why they had not asked about leaving their contract, which they refused to answer.

Costa's Twitter has been deleted.

Music Editor Matt Singer wins our office pool with a guess that's within three days of his prediction.

Bye, Dino.