People in Ladd's Addition, one of Portland's most idyllic neighborhoods, seem to have a problem with homeless people. And some in the neighborhood are resorting to guerrilla tactics to harass people they think are living in their cars—sometimes at the expense of other Ladd's Addition residents.

As reported by WW's news partner KATU-TV, there are stickers covering cars in Southeast Portland reading "No Car Camping in Ladd's Addition."

A Reddit user posted a photo of the sticker on his car four days ago, prompting other users to comment that they also had stickers stuck to their cars. The topic has been especially heated on the Ladd's Addition Nextdoor site recently, when a woman wrote that her car had also been vandalized with the sticker:

The Reddit user wrote that he was not homeless and has lived in the neighborhood for 10 years. His van was recently hit while parked outside his house, so he started parking his car a block over in Ladd's.

"I understand car camping is a problem in some areas of Portland, but not every Sprinter has someone living in it," he wrote on Reddit.

Someone has now modified at least one sticker to read "I'm Not Car Camping in Ladd's Addition."

These stickers aren't the first instance Portlanders have resorted to this tactic to express concerns over hot-button issues.

In 2015, "No Californians" stickers were slapped on For Sale signs on homes. Back in April, a group calling themselves "Rose City Saboteurs" vandalized at least 11 BikeTown stations, slapping them with stickers reading: "Our city is not a corporate amusement park."

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