Portland Is Apparently the Second Best City in the Country for Vegans and Vegetarians

NYC beat us, though.

Portland has been named the second best city in the U.S. for vegans and vegetarians. New York City beat us, but that's probably because there's at least two smoothie carts on every single corner in tourist-heavy areas.

Portland was also given the semi-factual superlative of No. 1 Most Vegan-Friendly City in the U.S. by PETA and Paul McCartney in 2016.

"Portland's vegan hot spots aren't just restaurants but a summer camp, a punk-metal bar, a strip mall, and even a strip club," said PETA Vice President Dan Matthews when we received the honor.

Portland has a vegan option for pretty much everything. We're home to a vegan tiki bar, furniture maker, acupuncturistcruelty-free barbershop, vegan-run and vegan-ink tattoo parlor, whiskey bar, chocolate shop and five vegan bakeries, among dozens more businesses. We even have a vegan star basketball player.

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To determine the rankings, personal finance site Wallethub looked at the largest 100 cities in the U.S and ranked them based on indicators like percentage of restaurants serving vegetarian options as well as farmers' markets, CSA programs and juice and smoothie bars per capita.

The site found Portland to have the second highest number of vegetable nurseries per capita, just behind Miami. We also ranked 18th for the number of salad shops per capita, 17th for the number of farmers' markets and CSA programs and in the 24th percentile for the percentage of restaurants with vegan options.

Here's the top 10:

1. New York, N.Y.
2. Portland, Ore.
3. Orlando, Fla.
4. San Francisco, Calif.
5. Los Angeles, Calif.
6. Seattle, Wash.
7. Washington, D.C.
8. Scottsdale, Ariz.
9. Miami, Fla.
10. San Diego, Calif.

Greensboro, N.C. came in dead last. Bummer.

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