By Josh O'Rourke

The National Register of Historic Places takes note of places of historical importance around the United States. Out of the 9,000 spots in the country, Oregon is home to 2,000, and a quarter of those are found in Portland. Here is a list of every spot on the National Register in Southeast Portland. And here is a list of every spot on the National Register in North and Northeast Portland: 114 in total. We'll be releasing lists for Portland's remaining quadrants in the coming weeks.

3360 SE Ankeny St.
H. Russell Albee House
(Ian Poellet)

Arleta Branch Library
4420 SE 64th Ave.
Arleta Branch Library
(Ian Poellet)

Louis J. Bader House and Garden
3604 SE Oak St.
Louis J. Bader House and Garden
(Ian Poellet)

Bagdad Theatre
3702–3726 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Bagdad Theatre

Barber Block
532–538 SE Grand Ave.
Barber Block

Gustave Bartman House
1817 SE 12th Ave.
Gustave Bartman House

Blake McFall Company Building
215 SE Ankeny St.
Blake McFall Company Building

USS Blueback
Moored on the east bank of the Willamette River, at 1495 SE Water Ave.
USS Blueback (submarine)

William E. Brainard House
5332 SE Morrison St.William E. Brainard House(Finetooth)

Buckler–Henry House
2324 SE Ivon St.Buckler–Henry House(Finetooth)

Philip Buehner House
5511 SE Hawthorne Blvd.Philip Buehner House(Ian Poellet)

Burnside Bridge (TKthis was already listed in NE, not sure if it’s redundant to have it here too, but it is listed as a SE landmark too)
Burnside Bridge(Cacophony)

Burrell Heights Apartments
2903–2919 SE Clay St.Burrell Heights Apartments(Finetooth)

Walter F. Burrell House
2610 SE Hawthorne Blvd.Walter F. Burrell House(Finetooth)

Samuel Cobb House
1314 SE 55th Ave.Samuel Cobb House(Ian Poellet)

John Deere Plow Company Building
215 SE Morrison St.John Deere Plow Company Building(Finetooth)

Douglas Building
3525–3541 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Douglas Building(Finetooth)

Edward D. Dupont House
3326 SE Main St.Edward D. Dupont House(Finetooth)

East Portland Grand Avenue Historic District
Along SE Grand Ave. within the rectangle bounded by SE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., SE Ankeny St., SE 7th Ave., and SE Main St..East Portland Grand Avenue Historic District(Ian Poellet)

Enterprise Planing Mill
50 SE Yamhill St.Enterprise Planing Mill(Finetooth)

Eugenia Apartments
1314 SE Salmon St.Eugenia Apartments(Finetooth)

Franklin W. Farrer House
2706 SE Yamhill St.Franklin W. Farrer House(Finetooth)

William D. Fenton House
626 SE 16th Ave.William D. Fenton House(Finetooth)

Thaddeus Fisher House
913–915 SE 33rd Ave.Thaddeus Fisher House
(Ian Poellet)

Frances Building and Echo Theater
3628–3646 SE Hawthorne Blvd.Frances Building and Echo Theater(Finetooth)

Frigidaire Building
230 E Burnside St.Frigidaire Building(Finetooth)

Gatehouse, Portland City Reservoir No. 2
6007 SE Division St.Gatehouse, Portland City Reservoir No. 2(Ian Poellet)

Genoa Building
2832 SE Belmont St.Genoa Building(Finetooth)

Elizabeth B. Gowanlock House
808 SE 28th Ave.Elizabeth B. Gowanlock House(Ian Poellet)

Thomas Graham Building
6031 SE Stark St.Thomas Graham Building(Finetooth)

Grand Central Public Market
808 SE Morrison St.Grand Central Public Market
(Ian Poellet)

Harry A. and Ada Green House
3316 SE Ankeny St.Harry A. and Ada Green House(Another Believer)

Hawthorne Bridge
Hawthorne Bridge(Truflip99)

Rachel Louise Hawthorne House
1007 SE 12th Ave.
Rachel Louise Hawthorne House
(Ian Poellet)

Herschell–Spillman Noah’s Ark Carousel
5 SE Spokane St.Herschell–Spillman Noah's Ark Carousel
(Ian Poellet)

James Hickey House
6719 SE 29th Ave.James Hickey House(Finetooth)

William B. Holden House
6347 SE Yamhill St.William B. Holden House(Finetooth)

International Harvester Company Warehouse
79 SE Taylor St.International Harvester Company Warehouse(Ian Poellet)

Italian Gardeners and Ranchers Association Market Building
1305–1337 SE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.Italian Gardeners and Ranchers Association Market Building(Finetooth)

Jacobs–Wilson House
6461 SE Thorburn St.Jacobs–Wilson House(Finetooth)

Jones Cash Store
111 SE Belmont St. (TKPhoto is public domain–it’s the best I could find, even after searching for other pictures, maybe you’ll have better luck?)

Clarence H. Jones House
1834 SE Ankeny St.Clarence H. Jones House(Finetooth)

Joseph Kendall House
3908–3916 SE Taggart St.Joseph Kendall House(Finetooth)

F. M. Knight Building
3300 SE Belmont St.F. M. Knight Building(Finetooth)

Nettie Krouse Fourplex
2106–2112 SE Main St.Nettie Krouse Fourplex(Finetooth)

Henry Kuehle Investment Property
201–213 SE 12th Ave.Henry Kuehle Investment Property(Ian Poellet)

Ladd’s Addition Historic District
Bounded by SE Division St., SE Hawthorne Blvd, SE 12th and 20th AvenuesLadd's Addition Historic District(Ian Poellet)

Laurelhurst Manor Apartments
3100 SE Ankeny St.Laurelhurst Manor Apartments(Ian Poellet)

Laurelhurst Park
3554 SE Ankeny St.
Laurelhurst Park
(Pete Forsyth)

George P. Lent Investment Properties
1921–1927 SE 7th Ave. and 621–637 SE Harrison St.George P. Lent Investment Properties(Finetooth)

Lone Fir Cemetery
SE 26th Ave. & Stark St.
Displaying photo.JPG
(Josh O’Rourke)

Claude Hayes Miller House
13051 SE Claybourne St.Claude Hayes Miller House(Finetooth)

Mizpah Presbyterian Church of East Portland
2456–2462 SE Tamarack Ave.Mizpah Presbyterian Church of East Portland(Ian Poellet)

Wilhelmina Mohle House
734 SE 34th Ave.Wilhelmina Mohle House(Finetooth)

Monastery of the Precious Blood
1208 SE 76th Ave.Monastery of the Precious Blood(Ian Poellet)

Morrison Bridge
Morrison Bridge(Raymonst)

Mount Tabor Park
Roughly bounded by SE Division St., SE 60th Ave., SE Yamhill St., and SE Mountainview Dr.Mount Tabor Park(Finetooth)

Mount Tabor Park Reservoirs Historic District
1900 SE Reservoir LoopMount Tabor Park Reservoirs Historic District

William O. Munsell House
1507 SE Alder St.William O. Munsell House


Paul C. Murphy House
3574 E Burnside St.Paul C. Murphy House(Finetooth)

Otto W. and Ida L. Nelson House
203 SE 15th Ave.
Otto W. and Ida L. Nelson House
(Ian Poellet)

New Logus Block
523–535 SE Grand Ave.New Logus Block(Eaaumi)

Olympic Cereal Mill
107 SE Washington St.Olympic Cereal Mill(Ian Poellet)

Oregon Portland Cement Building
111 SE Madison St.Oregon Portland Cement Building(Ian Poellet)

Oriental Apartments
3562 SE Harrison St.Oriental Apartments(Finetooth)

Osborn Hotel
203–207 SE Grand Ave.Osborn Hotel(Ian Poellet)

Palestine Lodge
6401 SE Foster Rd.Palestine Lodge(Ian Poellet)

Martin Parelius Fourplex
423–439 SE 28th Ave.Martin Parelius Fourplex(Finetooth)

Charles Piper Building
3610–3624 SE Hawthorne Blvd.Charles Piper Building(Finetooth)

James S. Polhemus House
135 SE 16th Ave.
James S. Polhemus House(Finetooth)

Portland Fire Station No. 7
1036 SE Stark St.
Portland Fire Station No. 7(Ian Poellet)

Portland Fire Station No. 23
1917 SE 7th Ave.Portland Fire Station No. 23(Finetooth)

Portland Sanitarium Nurses’ Quarters
6012 SE Yamhill St.Portland Sanitarium Nurses' Quarters(Ian Poellet)

Johan Poulsen House
3040 SE McLoughlin Blvd.Johan Poulsen House(Poulsen)

Capt. George Raabe House
1506–1508 SE Taylor St.Capt. George Raabe House(Finetooth)

Jessie M. Raymond House
2944 SE Taylor St.Jessie M. Raymond House(Finetooth)

Jacques and Amelia Reinhart House
7821 SE 30th Ave.Jacques and Amelia Reinhart House(Finetooth)

St. John’s Episcopal Church
455 SE Spokane St.St. John's Episcopal Church(Finetooth)

W. S. Salmon House
923 SE 13th Ave.W. S. Salmon House(Finetooth)

San Farlando Apartments
2903–2925 SE Hawthorne Blvd.San Farlando Apartments(Finetooth)

Santa Barbara Apartments
2052 SE Hawthorne Blvd.Santa Barbara Apartments(Ian Poellet)

Leslie M. Scott House
2936 SE Taylor St.Leslie M. Scott House(Finetooth)

Sellwood Branch YMCA
1436 SE Spokane St.Sellwood Branch YMCA(Ian Poellet)

Henry Sensel Building
3556–3562 SE Hawthorne Blvd.Henry Sensel Building(Finetooth)

John and Sarah Sheffield House
4272 SE Washington St.John and Sarah Sheffield House(Finetooth)

Blaine Smith House
5219 SE Belmont St.Blaine Smith House(Ian Poellet)

Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway Steam Locomotive
Oregon Rail Heritage Center, 2250 SE Water Ave.Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway Steam Locomotive(Steve Morgan)

James B. Stephens House
1825 SE 12th Ave.James B. Stephens House(Finetooth)

Troy Laundry Building
1025 SE Pine St.Troy Laundry Building(Ian Poellet)

Herman Vetter House
5830 SE Taylor St.Herman Vetter House(Finetooth)

John M. Wallace Fourplex
3645–3655 SE Yamhill St.John M. Wallace Fourplex(Finetooth)

Washington High School
1300 SE Stark St.Washington High School(Steve Morgan)

Alfred Webb Investment Properties
822 SE 15th Ave. and 1503–1517 SE Belmont St. Alfred Webb Investment Properties(Finetooth)

Wells–Guthrie House
6651 SE Scott Dr. Wells–Guthrie House(Finetooth)

Nathaniel West Buildings
711–719 SE Grand Ave.Nathaniel West Buildings(Finetooth)

West’s Block
701–707 SE Grand Ave.West's Block(Steve Morgan)

Willamette National Cemetery
11800 SE Mount Scott Blvd.Willamette National Cemetery
(Ian Poellet)

Yale Union Laundry Building
800 SE 10th Ave.
Yale Union Laundry Building
(Ian Poellet)