A Portland Publisher Just Released a Crime-Fighting James Comey Comic

The 24-page comic is about Comey’s “origin story.” A Trump-era sequel is soon to come.

James Comey's firing by President Donald Trump from his role as FBI director has provided an excess of literary fodder.

His new memoir, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership, has quickly become a bestseller. But more importantly, a Portland publisher just turned Comey into a comic book hero.

Political Power: James Comey, is a 24-page book, published by TidalWave Comics, that adapts Comey's early life into a superhero-style "origin story."

The comic portrays teenage Comey as "the victim of a home invasion by a masked man known as the Ramsey Rapist," who grows up with a calling to seek justice and prosecute high-profile villains like Martha Stewart.

Those plot points loosely mirror true events in Comey's life. In 1977 he and his brother were held at gunpoint in their home, and in 2003 he prosecuted America's crafting queen for conspiracy and fraud charges.

Michael Frizell, the book's author, says he chose to wrote about Comey's early life because there is no "resolution on the horizon regarding controversies surrounding Comey," and he wanted to "tell a story with a solid arc."

In a statement, the comic's publisher added that a sequel following Comey through the Trump era is "in development."

Local artist Joe Paradise illustrated the book, which has attracted national attention and is part of a larger "Political Power" series.

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