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A Tour De France-Winning Cyclist Busted For Doping Is Entering Portland’s Cannabis Market

Three TRU Cannabis locations will rebrand as Floyd Landis' Floyd’s of Leadville.

Disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis is rolling into Portland's cannabis market.

Three of TRU Cannabis's recreational shops are undergoing rebranding, and will re-open as Floyd's of Leadville—offshoots of Landis' Colorado-based CBD oil company—The Portland Business Journal first reported.

Landis is maybe most known for becoming the first cyclist in Tour de France's 103-year history to be stripped of a medal. In 2010, Landis, who won the 2006 race, admitted to having used performance-enhancing drugs. (He also exposed teammate Lance Armstrong.)

"Landis was a professional cyclist at the highest level of the sport, racing with Lance Armstrong for Team US Postal Service," a press release for Landis' CBD protein supplement reads. "He then went on to win victory for himself, and was stripped of his title for using performance enhancing drugs. He is now selling drugs."

Last week, Landis was in Portland marketing the protein powder, which is part of a line of CBD products that Landis hopes will cater to athletes. He tells The Portland Business Journal that he is also collaborating with Chris Cosentino, the chef at Jackrabbit, to develop a CBD energy bar.

As for the obvious "doping" theme connecting Landis' previous career to his new one, the former cyclists says that he gets it.

"I don't mind being the funny end of some of those jokes because I knew when I started in this how it was going to go," Landis told The Portland Business Journal. "They sort of write themselves."

Still, he's hopeful Portland will welcome him.

"What I like about this place is nobody seems to waste any of their energy on trying to make other people think they're something they're not," he said. "You can fit in here, whatever you are."

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