The digital age has claimed another victim: Tin House's quarterly literary magazine.

In June 2019, the publishing house will release its last issue, The Oregonian first reported. The final magazine will also mark Tin House's 20th anniversary issue.

Announcement of the magazine's closure was made by Tin House publisher and editor-in-chief, Win McCormack, on today.

"Given the current cost of producing a print literary magazine," McCormack writes, "I have decided to shift resources to Tin House's other two divisions: Tin House Books and the Tin House Workshop."

McCormack says Tin House will continue to publish new works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry on its website.

Tin House magazine first launched in 1999, as an effort to "to create a literary magazine for the many passionate readers who are not necessarily literary academics or publishing professionals."

Over the past two decades, the magazine has become prominent both in Portland and nationally. But Rob Spillman, the publication's editor, says in a statement that as times change, Tin House is adapting.

"Twenty years feels like the right time to be stepping away and moving on to new adventures," Spillman writes. "I look forward to focusing on other opportunities at the intersection of art and activism."