Last February, bro-joke master Ryan Reynolds purchased "significant" ownership of Portland-made Aviation Gin.

Today, the Canadian-born actor released a hilarious new ad for his booze venture, Portland Monthly first reported.

The two-minute long advertisement satirizes artisan-obsessed Portland with a mock representation of the gin's distilling process.

In the video, distillers' days begin with four hours of silent meditation, followed by e-scoots down to fruit groves and whispered words of apology to bitter juniper berries.

"All of our botanicals are humanely caught, cage-free and grain-fed," Reynolds jokes in the video. "And before [the gin] departs home, serenaded to the healing music of Sarah McLachlan."

Even if you hate the Deadpool franchise (which is totally acceptable), Reynolds' Aviation ad is well-worth watching for a chuckle.