Bend Is Now Home to the Last Blockbuster in the Entire World

The only other Blockbuster on the planet, in Australia, closes at the end of the month.

Bend Blockbuster (Elise Heimowitz)

It's official: The Blockbuster in Bend, Ore., is now the only one left in the world.

The store tweeted the news on Monday, writing, "We just got off the phone with an Australian radio station. The last Blockbuster in Australia is closing at the end of this month, making our Bend, Oregon, store the last Blockbuster on the planet!"

As of July 2018, the store was the last in the nation. Sandi Harding, the general manager of the Bend location, then told WW that she wasn't expecting to be the last holdout.

"It just is what it is," she said. "We're excited to still be here, and hope that we last out a little longer."

The Australian Blockbuster was located in Perth, and owner Lyn Borszeky told local news outlets the store couldn't keep up with streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

"We get customers all the time pleading for us not to close as they still enjoy the experience and service that we provide," Borszeky told Australian newspaper Community News. "It is sad to see where our industry has gone for a number of reasons."

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