Last week, WW wrote about Xica Cantina, the casual cousin of Southeast Division's Xico that just opened in Slabtown serving margaritas, mezcal and gummy bear nachos ("Margs, Mezcal and Gummy Bears," WW, July 17, 2019). The "Dorilocos" are a pile of thick housemade corn chips, peanuts, tomatillo-avocado salsa and, indeed, a smattering of squishy little grizzlies, which make for a delightfully chewy surprise each time you bite into one. Here's what readers had to say about the surprisingly good menu item.

Chris Balduc, via Facebook: "I've waited so long!"

Drummer Boy, via Twitter: "Thanks for the warning."

Andre Gray, via Facebook: "When I lived in Atlanta, they had gummy worms with bratwurst. Now that Portland has this I'm super delighted."

Travis McCurdy, via Facebook: "Gummy bears on hot dogs! Not on nachos!"

Jerry Curry, via Facebook: "Legal pot, nachos and gummy bears…coincidence? You decide."

Mossandfog, via Twitter: "Hmm…is this an established good idea?"

Lydia Felley, via Facebook: "I just couldn't."

Sara Jo Stewart, via Facebook: "Better get these ASAP."

Molly McCracken, via Facebook: "Why ya gotta eff up two delicious treats by combining them?!"

Sean Ce, via Facebook: "This is blasphemy."

Half Life of Swing Thoughts, via "Maybe nacho-flavored gummies?"