According to Deanna Everson, owner of Portland's Ginger Salon chain, the post-pandemic city is probably going to look like a really screwed-up dye job.

"Everyone is going to buy those highlighting kits, and they're going to make their hair look like cheetah-print orange death," Everson says. "They're going to look full-blown insane. And then over top of that, they're going to go dark black. Everyone is going to walk out of this looking like they're in The Craft—the original, not the remake."

With all salons shut down under Gov. Kate Brown's "stay the hell home" order, Everson is offering an alternative for clients whose isolation has convinced them that black micro-bangs would really suit their bone structure.

For the foreseeable future, Ginger Salon will hold 45-minute virtual consultations with a stylist of the customer's choice, held via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Those 45 minutes cover whatever you need them to—the video calls range from pre-emptive damage control to post-coronavirus strategizing. For the compulsive bang-trimmers, a stylist can tell you what scissors to use and where to make the first cut. For the forward-thinkers, a stylist can talk you through ideas for your next in-person treatment.

The calls are also a way for stylists to collect an extra source of income and avoid black market kitchen services, which Everson believes is likely in these conditions.

"I hope that other salons see this, and instead of choosing to go secret and go rogue, they're like, 'No, we can do this, too,'" she says. "We can go this route and keep each other safe."