Health and Wellness 2021: Hold Your Own

The hot new wellness trend is the one that works for you.

Marley Blonsky rides her mountain bike at Powell Butte (Fontaine Rittelmann)

Plenty of people have opinions on how to live healthy and well. From vegans to Christians to crossfitters—the proselytizing is almost nonstop.

Some of it works. Some of it works for a while. However, the person who decides whether any of it is ultimately effective—that’s you.

This year’s Health and Wellness Issue has stories about fat athletes joining forces to spread the word of cycling, a kind of therapy that looks like it came out of an ‘80s sci fi film, and an ambient duo whose love is translated into the sound waves we enjoy.

We have a short survey of seed bars—which ones give off power and which ones taste like cat food.

You’ll find our opinions on masks too—which ones are easy to breathe in and which ones make you look like a cat.

Rather than be prescriptive, as if we knew what you should do (the idea of me editing a self-care issue is laughable), we leave your choices on meditative music, bite-sized nutrition, bold fitness forays, and other similarly personal matters securely in your hands.

We have every confidence in you. You’ll do great.

- Willamette Week Culture Editor, Suzette Smith

2021 Health and Wellness Stories:

The Biking World Fails Fat Athletes, But Two Northwest Cyclists Are Changing That

Seed Nutrition Bar Round-Up

Neurofeedback Is a Noninvasive Therapy That Teaches Patients to Control Their Brain Waves

Which Face Mask Is Right for You?

Ambient Electronic Duo Liila Met in a Buddhist Monastery Three Years Ago and Fell Into a Curious Kind of Relationship

Four Portland Ambient Bands You Should Check Out

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