Where to Find Nester 2021

Willamette Week has a new magazine about home renovation, decoration and all the things that go into making a home.

We’ve all been staying in quite a bit. And that 18 months of staying in taught us that our interior spaces impact our moods, efficiency and general well-being.

Now, approaching the other side of the pandemic, we find our world restructured. No longer is it just a place for nighttime and weekends. Now it’s our bar, our museum. It’s where we’re coming up with our best ideas and where we’re finally spending more time with our family.

Making your home work for you is a pursuit that pays compound interest. So WW created the active homebody sibling to Finder: our long-standing guide to going out.

In this issue of Nester—our very first!—we look at some obvious (and less obvious) ideas for home decoration. You’ll find tips for traversing the world of affordable vintage finds, unexpected places you can find art your walls, and advice for choosing and caring for your houseplants.

We talked to chicken keepers, pool owners and Oregon’s U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley about an ongoing campaign he’s been waging to keep stain on his back deck.

Nester is about staying in and sprucing up all your home’s wonderful corners. It’s not necessarily about vegging out—although we won’t judge if you do.

Find a copy of Nester at any of the 1300 locations on this map: