As it turns out, Portland is going to get some snow after all—emphasis on "some."

No, it won't be the whiteout suggested by your weather app earlier this week. It might not even constitute a dusting. But starting at 4 am Sunday, about 2 inches of wet slush will fall from the sky, and it'll be cold enough to stick around for a short while, at least at elevations above 700 feet. So if you live in the West Hills or the Mount Scott area: Congratulations.

Below that, it'll mostly just be rain and "a few flakes if you're lucky," according to Clinton Rockey, a meteorologist at the Portland branch of the National Weather Service.

Still, that's enough for the NWS to issue a winter weather warning for the Portland metro area. Drivers are advised to be cautious of slick spots and slippery road conditions until noon.

As for the rest of the week, the cool air mass hanging over the region will likely continue to produce flurries of fast-melting snow at lower elevations, but it's hard to predict what parts of town will actually experience even that minor bit of seasonal weather.

"Snow is much like popcorn: If you spill it on the floor, do you know where those kernels will go and where there'll stay?" Rockey says. "It's very hit or miss who will see any kind of snow."