Salt & Straw’s New Ice Cream Cakes Hit Stores This Week

The seven-layer confections were inspired by investor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s holiday alter ego.

If you want to get your hands on one of Salt & Straw’s ice cream cakes—a brand-new product in the local company’s lineup of frozen treats—better camp out in front of one of the scoop shops this Friday.

The confections sold out just six hours after they launched online Nov. 8, but another batch is scheduled to be delivered to brick-and-mortar stores, where you can purchase them starting Nov. 17.

Salt & Straw is known to have caused a ruckus with its treats before. For instance, last year, the brand announced that it would be bringing back its limited-edition Chocolate Tacolate just as the nation was eulogizing the original childhood classic. Klondike broke the hearts of ice cream novelty lovers everywhere when it shared that it had halted production of the Choco Taco in order to meet increased demand for other foods in its portfolio. So news of the revival of Salt & Straw’s take—a chocolate-dipped waffle cone stuffed with cinnamon ancho ice cream—was overwhelmingly embraced.

It seems only natural that Salt & Straw would get into the ice cream cake game and somewhat surprising that it hasn’t done so until now. Perhaps that’s because it needed the prompting of a mega-celeb like The Rock, who the company partnered with to create the two flavors. Actually, Salt & Straw says it partnered with “Dwanta Claus,” the holiday alter ego of the WWE persona developed by now-actor Dwane Johnson.

Turns out, Dwanta shows up when it’s time to promote the various food and beverage companies Johnson has either invested in (Salt & Straw) or founded (ZOA Energy, Teremana Tequila)—the shtick is that he is both “naughty” and “nice,” temperaments that are then reflected in the flavors. As for the cakes—both with seven layers—that means a classic chocolate and peanut butter mashup along with some whiskey caramel ice cream (the booze should tell you this one is sinful) and a fruit-focused angelic version: coconut, marionberry jam and bananas Foster ice cream.

Salt & Straw says each cake can serve up to 20 people—a sizable birthday party—but just be prepared to shell out more than you would for a classic sheet version from your local Dairy Queen. The seven-layer creations are $89 each.

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