Welcome to Willamette Week’s 2021 Give!Guide

giveguide.org opens for business at 12:01 am on Nov. 1. Here’s how you can help Portland nonprofits!

(Kiana Kinchelow)

Willamette Week’s Give!Guide portal opens for business at 12:01 am on Monday, Nov. 1. You can review it now at giveguide.org.

This is your chance to join thousands of Portlanders in supporting more than 200 local nonprofits between now and midnight on New Year’s Eve. Our goal is to raise at least $6.5 million and to encourage 15,000 of you to participate.

This year’s Give!Guide sports a brand-new, remade-from-top-to-bottom website. It’s lightning fast, intuitive, and allows you to sign in and get started early by making a list of your favorite nonprofits. Check out the new giving platform right away. (To repeat: It’s giveguide.org, where you’ll find profiles of 202 worthy local nonprofits.) We do our best to make year-end giving easy and fun with incentives for every donor and chances to win big prizes!

Give!Guide showcases local nonprofits of all types and sizes (from micro to mega) doing amazing work on the Portland metro area’s front lines. They shape our culture, address important issues, and tackle diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please note two new categories, Housing and Hunger, that speak to pressing concerns in our community.

On top of serving as Portland’s best vehicle for year-end giving, giveguide.org contains profiles of this year’s Skidmore Prize winners — four remarkable Portlanders under the age of 36 who perform truly amazing work in nonprofit settings.

WW’s one-stop giving program began in 2004 and has grown into a major community-centric opportunity for local nonprofits. We’re thankful for support from our incredible sponsors, business partners, and donors like you. Please help these essential nonprofits meet their goals by letting your debit and credit cards roam freely and easily over the Give!Guide landscape. We’ll all be better for it.

Thank you,

Toni Tringolo - Executive Director

Richard H. Meeker - Founder

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