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Kickstart your Friday night with these products.

Cannabis Beverages| $5 – $96

Magic Number

Liven up the holidays with Oregon's most delicious live resin beverages and tasty tinctures. Brewed in Bend and made with all natural ingredients and single-strain cannabis, we can be found in dispensaries throughout Oregon. Celebrate life, experience the liquid revolution and discover your Magic Number. Click here to shop.

Local Not-for-Profit Vodka | $23.45

Dregs Vodka

Dregs is a purpose-driven premium potato vodka. 100% of profits go to Oregon charities who support low income youth. Pick up a bottle at your local liquor store or order online for delivery. Click here to shop.

Vintage Stag Beer Can Glass| $14.00

Tender Loving Empire

Sip a seasonal favorite with a Portland icon. This vintage pint is a great gift for local beverage enthusiasts and pairs perfectly with a selection from our Oregon beer and wine collection. 412 SW 10th Ave., 525 NW 23rd Ave., 3541 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Bridgeport Village, PDX Airport. Click here to shop.

 Honey Lemonade Syrups| $14

Honeybee Sparkling Lemonades

Honeybee creates flavors that are reminiscent of Jamaican tradition while tying in flavors and colors from the Pacific Northwest, and beyond: made with whole fruit and contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or sweeteners. Find their syrups in all New Seasons Market, Market of Choice stores, MAC Market, Shine Distillery & Grill, Tender Loving Empire and Beaumont Village Market or order our syrups online to mix at home! Honeybee Lemonade Syrups are a party in your mouth! Click here to shop.

Elliott Smith –Elliott Smith Anniversary Edition Vinyl | $45.00

Everyday Music

Elliott Smith – 25th Anniversary deluxe edition LP reissue with coffee table book, remastered record, photographs and a bonus disc of an early live performance. 1313 W Burnside, 1931 NE Sandy Blvd. Click here to shop.

Curated Cannabis Subscription Box | $100.00


Step aside fruit-of-the-month club, Green Box subscribers are receiving top-shelf cannabis in their boxes. Selecting only the best Oregon has to offer, boxes are stuffed with a variety of top-shelf flowers, edibles, topicals and tinctures. More than any other subscription, you know this box will put a smile on their face. Click here to shop.

Pinners Pack | $20.00

Sway Blunts

These tiny blunts will remind you of smoking a spliff with their satisfying throat hit, but have a much different effect, and much less impact on your lungs than a tobacco product. High Desert Nectar CBD, rolled in rich hemp paper, for a quick, satisfying smoke. This little pack of 10 fits anywhere, and comes with matches. Great stocking stuffer! 1/3 gram of High Desert Nectar CBD, wrapped in a rich hemp paper. Click here to shop.

Wilco – Summerteeth Deluxe Edition 5LP | $100

Everyday Music

This deluxe set features the remastered studio album as well as the unreleased demos, alternates and outtake recordings pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Click here to shop.

The Oregon Ducks Tumbler | $48.00

Legends Drinkware

10 oz Lead-Free Eco-friendly Crystal Glass Tumbler with no toxic compound and 3D Logo Handmade in Portland. Click here to shop. #LEGENDSUP