Want to see some live music tonight? Here are your best options, curated by the Willamette Week music staff.


The King Khan & BBQ Show

[GARAGE ROCK] A molly-crazed King Khan and a curmudgeonly BBQ found their relationship sundered in a mysterious "Australian incident" several years ago, but have apparently mended their frayed egos and are hitting the road again. Doesn't matter if you're a denim-clad garage turkey, a college student, a Burger Records baby,or even an actual adult, King Khan and BBQ are a duo you probably don't hate. The mid-2000s' finest garage band returns, but don't call it a comeback…or do, I don't give a shit. BRACE BELDEN. Dante's, 350 W Burnside. 8 pm. $14. 21+.

Givers, Caddywhompus

[INDIE POP] If Vampire Weekend wrote the soundtrack to The Lion King, it might sound something like Givers. The five-piece out of Lafayette, La., formed in 2008, favoring an improvisational style that arose from a few of the members' past in zydeco bands, as well as an affinity for jazz and Cajun beats. Everything about Givers feels big and vibrant, with breezy, island-inspired guitar riffs, colorful drum lines, dual male-female vocals and bits of trumpet and xylophone. Sophomore album New Kingdom is set for release in November, and if lead single "Bermuda" is any indication, the group has managed to maintain its infectious harmonies and bounding instrumentation—only this time with more focus on flickering electronics and shimmering synth. KAITIE TODD. Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E Burnside St. 9 pm. $15. 21+.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

[MAY THE TRIFORCE BE WITH YOU] After nearly three decades, the classic video game Legend of Zelda has developed several generations of fans, and if you didn't think the music was now old enough to qualify as "classical," hearing it arranged for a 90-piece orchestra and choir and performed on a world tour should certify its establishment credentials. Like previous video game orchestral music extravaganzas (including last month's "Symphony of Heroes" with the Oregon Symphony), this one includes imagery from the series projected over the orchestra and several generations of fans (costumed and otherwise) in the audience cheering for their favorite themes and scenes. But in the venerable tradition of film, theater and dance scores transmogrified into concert works, this production also features Zelda music arranged into a four-movement symphony approved by legendary video game composer Koji Kondo himself, further demonstrating the idiom's trajectory from fringe nerd phenomenon to established institution. BRETT CAMPBELL. Keller Auditorium, 222 SW Clay St. 7:30 pm. $44.25-$93.25. All ages.

Valet, Cat Hoch, Sinless

[SPACEY PSYCH] See our review of the new Cat Hoch EP here. Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi Ave. 9 pm. $10. 21+.

Little Wings, Robin Bacior, Old Wave

[OFF-CENTER FOLK] In case you missed Little Wings last night at Mississippi Studios, they're playing the weekly Portland music showcase—which, under new booker Boone Howard, is beginning to branch out and bring in occasional touring acts—along with one of the city's most enchanting songwriters, Robin Bacior. Rontoms,600 E Burnside St. 9 pm. Free. 21+.