Punk is about provocation, and Portland hardcore legends Poison Idea have proven particularly adept at stoking conservative ire over the last three and a half decades. And even after all these years, the band is showing no signs of chill, as the new video for its song "Calling All Ghosts" proves.

Blending Patty Hearst with Taxi Driver, the video depicts a Travis Bickle-like character attempting to assassinate Donald Trump after being abducted and brainwashed by some kind of punk terrorist organization.

While it might not be the shrewdest idea to imagine a sniper taking a shot at a presidential candidate, Brett Roberts, who co-directed with Long Knife's Colin Jarrell, says they came up with the concept before Trump was the official nominee and released it in June, before he was eligible for Secret Service detail.

And anyway, it could've been a lot worse.

"We wanted the end to be obviously blasting the shit out of Trump," Roberts says, "but due to budget restraints, we couldn't do it."

As it is, the video ends on an ambiguous note, which should keep the feds off the doorstep of anyone involved…hopefully.