Years DJing: Googleplex years. That's how long ago the '80s happened, right?

Genre: Synthy synthness, punk, post-punk, pre-post-synth-punk, psych, weird, annoying, classical and anything Swiss, German and/or Austrian.

Where you can catch me regularly: I share a residency at the Lovecraft with Magnolia Bouvier and [WW designer] DJ Acid Rick. And by residency, I mean that I am incredibly pretentious. I also have a show on called Hipsters Suck. It is usually themed. For example, I recently did a show featuring records that appear visually in the record-store scenes in Pretty in Pink. If they had used that music in the film, it would have been much closer to The Road.

Craziest gig: I once provided music for an evening of piercing rituals at the old Eagle, when it was on Burnside (back when Portland was so weird that it was basically a giant piercing salon), playing Coil, Nurse With Wound and Psychic TV—all the piercing bands that have piercings. And it nearly derailed a couple Prince Alberts when I snuck in Judy Garland doing "Over the Rainbow." Smart-assery is best employed carefully in the presence of blood and steel. I think I was only wearing underwear and garters at that gig. Like always.

My go-to records: Mormon aerobics records, number poem records, hollerin' competition records (they exist), and anything that makes at least one person laugh, before I masterfully mix it into something sad and pathetic. Oh, and everything by Severed Heads.

Don't ever ask me to play…: Korn. Because the body just can't digest it properly. And soul, because I was born without one.

SEE IT: DDDJJJ666 spins at Musick for Mannequins at the Lovecraft, 421 SE Grand Ave., on Saturday, Oct. 8. 10 pm. 21+.