Years DJing: Six years, but I've been making electronic music since high school.

Genre: Mash-ups, especially EDM-meets-hip-hop. I make lots of remixes and mash-ups because I find the best way to get people dancing to new music is to mix it with the classics.

Where you can catch me regularly: Every first Tuesday at Lovecraft; monthly at Ranger Station, Spare Room and O'Malley's.

Craziest gig: I did the Silent Disco at What the Festival a couple years ago. All my friends were there, including my sister, and our crew is known as the OG Flamingos. So I did the whole set in a giant flamingo costume. It was amazing. Then the next day at the pool, I was wearing the costume and this guy comes up to me, gives me a hug and says, "Flamingo! You played 'Thong Song' last night! I love you!"

My go-to records: Aaliyah. She's just the best. And millennials especially love to dance to her music. So anytime the dance floor dies, I play "Are You That Somebody" and it picks back up.

Don't ever ask me to play…: I try not to hate too much on pop music—musical taste is incredibly subjective. That being said, I really hate uber-cheesy dance tracks like "Cupid Shuffle" or "Cha Cha Slide." I really don't understand those kind of songs.

SEE IT: B Hammer'd spins at the Lovecraft, 421 SE Grand Ave., on Tuesday, May 2.