Well, that Mentors show finally happened. And, as promised, there were protests.

As we wrote about in last week's lead music feature, the Mentors say they're are used to offending Conservatives but never expected to also offend Portland progressives. But their local stop on the "anti-Antifa tour" drew fire from a feminist bookstore and Antifa.

About 50 people showed up at Rock Hard PDX on September 8 to oppose the self-described "rape rock" band, according to a representative from In Other Words, the feminist bookstore that arranged the protest.

"Folks played music and made fun of their security, mostly," they said.

Despite rumors that members of a right-wing militia group were patrolling outside, the protest went without incident, aside from some alleged "posturing" from venue security and staff.

Derek Smith, Rock Hard's general manager, did not respond to requests for comment.

The protest dispersed around 11 pm, before the Mentors took the stage.

In Other Words considered the action a success.

"We informed the community about an unsafe band," they tell WW. "We also certainly cost the venue a lot of money in security, and considering their capacity is only about 100 people, it seems likely they took a loss in the process of establishing themselves as a terrible trash pile of scumbags."