Angel Olsen @ Newmark Theater, Sept. 12-13

Fun fact: Portland loves Angel Olsen. That's not a general observation, it's data. According to Spotify, her pleading love bomb of a single, "Shut Up Kiss Me," is the song Portland streamed more than any other city last year. So don't expect tickets for this two-night solo stand to last long. Tickets on sale May 4.

Cafe Tacvba @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Sept. 12

Gringos often contextualize Latin rock innovators Café Tacvba as "the Mexican Radiohead," but Thom Yorke's never tried his hand at folkloric ska, or electro-punk banda music. Really, there might not be a more freewheeling and adventurous band anywhere in the world. What the hell are they doing in Portland? Who knows? But for fans, this isn't too far off from being able to see, say, U2 in a midsized theater. Tickets on sale May 4.

Death Cab for Cutie @ Keller Auditorium, Sept. 25

One might argue they've been in it for a while, but with the recent tease of their first new music post-Chris Walla, the emo bigwigs have officially entered their "latter period." And with Portland's Dave Depper seemingly installed as Walla's permanent replacement, that means we get to claim them from Seattle, right? Tickets on sale May 4.

Parquet Courts @ Wonder Ballroom, Sept. 25

In five years, Parquet Courts went from being the Modern Lovers of post-gentrification Brooklyn to a band capable of busting out hazy country ballads, spittle-flinging hardcore freakouts or wiry post-punk dance jams whenever the mood suits them. Wide Awake!, the latest in their prodigious run, is produced by Danger Mouse, and while that doesn't mean as much as it used to, the partnership sounds pretty killer so far. Tickets on sale May 4.

Fleetwood Mac @ Moda Center, Nov. 19

Oh, those crazy Fleetwoods. Will they ever stop their fussin' and feudin'? Lindsey Buckingham is the latest member to get jettisoned from the current lineup, because, well, what would a Fleetwood Mac tour be without a crucial member conspicuously missing? Anyway, it's all leading to Buckingham's inevitable return in time for the 50th anniversary of Rumours, so they can milk one final "reunion tour" before the last remaining boomers go into hospice. Stay woke, y'all. Tickets on sale May 4.