Can you believe it's been four whole years since Sleater-Kinney came back into our lives?

The Olympia-born, Portland-raised indie rock heavyweights reunited in 2015 after a near decade-long hiatus, going on tour and dropping No Cities to Love, an album that didn't so much pick up where the band left off with 2005's The Woods as evolve from it—something that very few veteran acts manage to do after that many years away. In short, it ruled.

It was a triumphant return, even if they only played their hometown 1.5 times.

But then, everything went quiet.

Yes, there was a live album released in 2017. But given Carrie Brownstein's many other nonmusical commitments, it seemed like the reunion may have just been a one-off thing.

Last year, though, Brownstein hinted that a new Sleater-Kinney album was in the works, but that it might not arrive for some time: "We're going to do this very slowly," she told Billboard. "It's an ongoing conversation."

Well, looks like we might be hearing that record sooner rather than later. And it could be even more awesome than anticipated.

Today, the band shared a photo from the studio, featuring Brownstein, drummer Janet Weiss, singer-guitarist Corin Tucker and St. Vincent.

Wait, what?!

Yep, turns out the avant-pop guitar slayer otherwise known as Annie Clark is producing a Sleater-Kinney album. Please commence with squealing and/or passing out from excitement.

It's a huge and very welcome surprise, though the two artists aren't without history: Clark appeared on Portlandia, and rumors abounded that she and Brownstein dated at one point. She also shouted out the band when she played the Keller last year. But still…wowzers.

The only other available information available right now is from the photographer who took that picture, Jonny Cournoyer, who says on Instagram that the snippets he's heard "sounds KILLER." Well, duh.