When Portland-born rapper V. Dewayne released "Losing Direction," the emotional first single off his upcoming, currently untitled new album, he debuted a fresh, lyrically unfiltered era of his career. Now, with the recently released "Warehouse," he's established that the new V. Dewayne has a comedic side, too.

The song features Portland rapper $noogz and delivers on Dewayne's promise of a trap-influenced follow-up to his debut, St. Johns Scholar. Over a catchy-as-hell beat that sounds constructed from a convenience-store doorbell, Dewayne raps about selling weed and chasing profit.

The video for "Warehouse" was directed by North Portland native Riley Brown, who also directed the visual for "Losing Direction," and was filmed when the now Chicago-based MC last came to Portland to perform at the Thesis. In the new video, Dewayne raps on the hood of a car outside of Kelly's Olympian and in between rows of weed in a greenhouse. The routine flexing is broken up by an interlude in which Dewayne passes a joint to $noogz, who discovers that Dewayne's weed is a mere two percent THC.

"You smoking that bullshit, bro," he tells Dewayne.

"Don't CDB shame," says Dewayne as $noogz rejects the blunt. "It's a whole community of us out here smoking good gas."

Watch the full video here: