The third coming of Sleater-Kinney is upon us.

In early January, the Olympia-born, Portland-nurtured band announced the imminent arrival of its second post-reunion album—and ninth studio album overall—via a photo of them in the studio with producer Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent. Beyond that salient bit of information, though, no other details were revealed.

We know a little more now—emphasis on "little." It appears reports of the album being released on the Mom + Pop label are true, but we still don't know the title (it was initially said to be called The Center Won't Hold, but that hasn't been confirmed) or the release date.

Today, however, we did get an answer to the most pressing question: What will Sleater-Kinney produced by St. Vincent sound like?

This morning, the band dropped what is presumably the first single from the upcoming album. Titled "Hurry on Home," it's got huge drums, a lot of noise going on and a dancier pulse than you'd expect from S-K.

Also, the cover for the seven-inch looks like this:

Hear it via the Miranda July-directed lyric video below:

Sleater-Kinney also announced a bunch of tour dates for the fall, including a stop at Crystal Ballroom on Nov. 19. Hopefully the record will be out by then, but who knows?