After almost a year, Aminé is back.

Today, the Portland-born rapper released "Shimmy," his first single since last spring's "Places + Faces" freestyle.

A slightly darker shift from the buoyant anthems the 25-year-old has become known for, "Shimmy" is basically two-and-a-half minutes of relentless flow. It's still packed with classic Aminé flexes, though, such as: "Just cause you bought that vintage Margiela/Don't change your flight from Spirit to Delta."

The cover image for the single is a Multnomah County Library card, and in the video, Aminé rides a jet boat on the Willamette River, hangs out at Providence Park, dances on the roof of the Convention Center and leads a Biketown fleet through the streets of Portland.

Naturally, Biketown seems pretty stoked about the cameo:

Aminé, who now lives in L.A., has yet to release an official album since his gold-certified major-label debut, Good for You, in 2017. His last full-length release was the 2018 mixtape Onepointfive.