One thing that's been clear about Aminé from the jump is that he knows how to make the most of a national television appearance.

The Portland rapper made his network debut on The Tonight Show just days after the 2016 election, adding an anti-Trump verse to breakout hit "Caroline" and earning kudos as one of the first artists to take direct aim at the president-elect.

He followed that up on Late Night With Seth Meyers by dressing like the house band at a 1950s prom.

Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Benson High alum took things up a notch, quite literally—by rapping from a hot air balloon.

I've heard of social distancing, but this is ridiculous!

Seriously, though, folks: The 26-year-old performed "Woodlawn," from his recently released second album, Limbo, while floating over Temecula, Calif.—an appropriate locale for a track that shouts out the late Kobe Bryant, if you remember this famous incident from 2014.

That's not all, though: Aminé also performed the track "Burden" from inside the balloon, giving viewers a closer look at his sweater, which was spray-painted with images of Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other victims of racist violence.

Overall, another one for the books. Check the whole thing out below: