Eudaly's Council Campaign

Replacing Steve Novick with Chloe Eudaly would be replacing bad with worse ["The Eudaly Show," WW, Sept. 21, 2016].

What is Eudaly going to do for the tens of thousands of Portland residents who still won't have access to any housing, much less affordable housing, once she and her friends are comfortably ensconced in their rent-controlled units (which will drive up the price of every unit that becomes available even faster)?

I appreciate her advocacy for disabled children, but this rent-control crusade is going to ruin Portland and turn it into a carbon copy of San Francisco, prices included.


Eudaly is clearly the people's candidate. I love the idea of electing a woman to the City Council who has spent her life amplifying the voices of average (and often ignored) people. That seems like the best sort of qualification for an elected representative.

—Jamey Duhamel

Taking Up the Bundys' Cause

This article is an attempt to portray the violent, abusive and sedition-promoting Pete Santilli and his "sidekick" Deborah Jordan as harmless promoters of freedom of the press ["Candid Camera," WW, Sept. 21, 2016].

Having viewed Santilli on the front lines at Malheur Refuge (where his so-called "press" activities often crossed the line into the illegal, and at one point almost caused another reporter to be run down by a truck), I can confirm that Santilli is a dangerous and violence-inciting individual.


You don't have to like Pete Santilli's style of reporting, but at least he captured the truth of what was happening on the ground. We have a rogue government overreaching its authority and harassing American citizens into submission.

Locking up Americans with trumped-up charges is the way of Nazis.


City-subsidized High-rise

Says Scott Breon, Vacasa's chief revenue officer: "Our focus is creating middle-income jobs and providing tax revenue to support the communities we operate in." ["Yard Sign," WW, Sept. 21, 2016.]

If Breon had just said, "It seemed like a profitable venture for Vacasa, given current city policies," I'd have been fine. It's the blatant lies that make the whole thing stink.

—Jeff Snavely

Instead of referring to the abomination at the east end of the Burnside Bridge by its post-rational name, "Yard," why not use something easier to recognize it by: the Death Star Apartments. Or Hotel?

—Jane McGary


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